Storejammer orders are accepted around the clock. Good shopping you knows how many frauds are today. That’s why many people do not trust websites and are afraid of telling them their personal information. So, to persuade you that we are trusted website, we would like to tell you our privacy policy.

We have very reliable and safe internal record system which is similar to China Data Protection Law requirements.

We guarantee you that your private data including e-mail are hidden from third parts.

Also, we collect information from your web browsing.

If we need to delete the information on paper, we shred it.

You always can ask us to send you a copy of your orders.

You also may ask us to purge out your account from our system.

Type of information
If you are going to become our costumer, then you should know what kind of information do we ask to provide us with. Please, be aware that different methods for collecting information are used by us. Also, we use cookies. Cookies are kind of information that are stored on client’s PC. Cookie is very important as it helps to customize your communication with us. We would like to inform you that we collect such information about our customers: Telephone Number, Password, Email, Name, Company Name, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country.

We require this information…..

To provide you with good service we need to know who you are. Also, this information is required for verification of your credit card. Also, we may require non-personal information about you. It will helps us to know your tastes better and then offer you goods which may be of interest to you.

Protection of personal information

Encryption technology helps helps to protect all the information which you send to us via the Internet. With the latest firewall protection your private information will be protected at the highest level. As all our workers are contracted to confidential agreement, that’s why they cannot share your information with anybody. Moreover, our system is also protected from power outages that may lead to damage of your personal information integrity. To secure personal account you need to think up safe and sophisticated password which has to comprise of digits and letters. When one of our workers is fired, we change codes which he/she used get access to your account. Remember, that if you have three unsuccessful attempts to log in, then we terminate login session to the account. Every 90 days your account is to be updated.

Access to my information

Your personal information can be viewed by workers who have to support functioning of your account and technical department workers who watch system integrity and website operation. Also, staff from credit card processing company may have the access to your data as we always advice with them before charging your credit card. They can look through your telephone number, credit card information, billing address, name. These companies are under control of banks as they have to follow specific security requirements. We have to contact these companies as without their approval we cannot charge your credit cards.

How can I change my information?

As you have an option to change or remove the data on your account you can choose what information to be on your account and what to cancel. However, please note that cancelation of contact information may have undesirable consequences. If you cancel e-mail address or any other contact information, we will be won’t be able to provide you with effective communication. It would be much appreciated, if you inform us about your intention to remove your contact details.

Changes in privacy policy has the right to make some changes in privacy policy whenever we want. But, before change the policy, we will contact each customer to notify about forthcoming changes. Also, on home page of the website you will see the announcement, telling about new privacy policy.

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