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It is prohibited to do!
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Drop-ship order details
Let us render you the meaning of drop-shipping.
It means that your customer is provided with the order by another supplier, bur the customer keeps communication with you and all information about the order he or she receives from you.
All technical information, delivery date and other information which can be interesting for the customer should be given by you.
Also, you must make a search to find out whether your customer’s country has importing tax. If yes, you need to inform the customer about it. With the packing documents in hand you can easily minimize the import tax.
You are free from extra charges.
To provide drop-shipping, you need to register on our website.
Do not forget to add another shipping address in your account for drop-shipping orders. You can store many delivery addresses on your account. Ti avoid misunderstandings, it would be good, if you can indicate in comments ‘drop-shipping for the customer’

How To Drop-Ship With Jammersales?
How To Drop-Ship With Jammersales?

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