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If you decide to buy jamming devices from us, then you made the right choice.
Storejammer guarantees you high quality products and the best service. We do our best to supply our valued customers with ordered goods within short period of time, but if there any troubles arise, what is not typical for us, we will propose you various ways of their solution.
My order was damaged/lost during delivery
We have been doing our business for a long time and can tell you with a confidence that such situations are not common for our company, but should any problems arise, we settle them very quickly. If your order was lost or damaged during transportation, we will re-send it to you or provide with a full refund. At first we need to receive a confirmation of your case, but for it some time is needed. That’s why we advise you to place the order again at your expense. It should be mentioned, that after the case investigation, we will give you back your money.
Delivery deadline of an Air Mail package has expired
Very rarely an air mail package is delivered with delay. However, if your order was shipped a long time ago and you are still waiting for it, then Storejammer is here to help you. Please let us know about your problem and we will take necessary actions. We will re-send the order to you or give a refund, nevertheless when you are in hurry and want to receive the ordered item ASAP, it is advisable to place a new order.
Multi-part package has missing parts
When you have such problems, you need to contact the courier and start to solve this issue with them. Also, you need to follow reporting process, it will help you to receive documents to prove that you got damaged goods. After, that you need to inform us about the current situation and Storejammer will provide with refund or missing parts.
Items were damaged during delivery
If you found out that ordered item reached you in damaged condition, you need to inform delivery company about it. Remember, that it should be done immediately. You also will pass reporting process to receive documents which you can use as a proof. After the procedure, the damaged item will be handed by the courier. Storejammer after the receiving of the confirmation of this case will send you replacement or provide with a refund. It should be noted, that if you do not provide us with necessary documents, we cannot guarantee the replacement or refund.

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